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Pro-Stitch Closing Wheels (Per Row)

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Requires A52556 Spacer on JD 17xx planters in order for 2" gap between wheels.
Recomended to install 1 bolt in T-Handle slot 1" above first notch for correct closing pressure.

The PRO-STITCH closing wheel does an impressive job even in the harshest conditions, As well as ideal conditions. PRO-STITCH wheels are recommended to be mounted staggered (one ahead of the other) & 1- 3/4" - 2- 1/4"apart on the bottom of the wheels. The lightest setting is recommended for most soil conditions.
PRO-STITCH wheels run out of time due to soil pressure, Creating the perfect Stitch Effect. Our "Blunt" tooth design applies 6 times more down pressure to the sidewall of the trench as compared to standard round closing wheels, Thus reducing sidewall compaction by fracturing & pushing the seed slot from side to side.

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