Gauge Wheel Arm Repair Kit

The gauge wheel arm pivot is the #1 wear point on planters. This is caused by the fact that the ground load on the gauge wheel is offset from the center of the row where the arm contacts the adjustable stop. This offset load is supported by two points of contact between the pivot pin and the bore of the hub. These points wear and the arm starts to lean allowing the tire to pull away from the opener disk. Moving the arm in is generally the only thing you can do to temporarily compensate.

The GWARK is different from all other kits on the market, because it supports the offset load in a different way and actually solves the problem. The RKP design utilizes a disc spring to pre-load the outer end of the hub of the arm with enough spring pressure that the arm cannot lean but can pivot freely. Because the arm cannot lean, the pressure remains distributed almost uniformly around the circle of contact which is a large area. The result is that wear is practically eliminated.

After the installation of a rigidly mounted pivot pin, mounting gauge wheels becomes a breeze, as there is no need to balance the gauge wheel on a knee while trying to thread a new bolt into the tapped hole.

Simple product. Virtually no wear. Save time and money.