Closing Wheel Arm Pinot Repair Kit (JD Drills/Air Seeders)

Improves performance by forcing the closing wheel to track properly. Primarily intended for use with cast closing wheels this kit will also reduce wheel bouncing noticeably. Three disc springs in series exert the required force to keep the closing wheel arm parallel to the end of the bearing housing. All lateral looseness is removed but the arm is still free to pivot. Replacement of the welded pivot pin is necessary on model 750 drills with serial numbers below 6000. A center drilled bolt equipped with a zerk is available for newer drills that are equipped with bolted pivot bushings. If the original bushing is being used it must be notched to allow grease to reach the bore of the bearing housing. A new drilled pivot bushing is available. A load bracket provides a second full size slip surface for the thrust washer on the earliest 750 drills (serial #1-3835). A nylon insert locknut provides fast, easy adjustment of the disc spring pressure when necessary. Oil impregnated bronze bushings.