20/20 SeedSense

May 26, 2015

2020 SeedSense
 SeedSense takes the blindfold off, so you can see how you’re really planting.

With its color-coded, touchscreen display, you’ll spot any errors in down force, spacing and singulation immediately. You’ll zero in on the source. You’ll check it out. You’ll fix it. And you’ll move on, confident that you’re doing everything you can to plant profitably.

More precise than any other monitor on the market, SeedSense tells you what you need to know about population, skips, doubles, speed, row unit ride, down force and ground contact. It enables you to plant precisely, maintain depth, avoid compaction and troubleshoot mechanical problems.

SeedSense is easy to use! The main screen summarizes everything. The most important metrics are the largest. Green means go, yellow means caution, red means stop and fix whatever’s wrong. Just tap the screen and you’ll see row-by-row details, so you know where to look.

Find hidden mechanical problems and correct them at planting. Perfect your planter performance by adjusting meters, vacuum pressure, transmissions and speed. Improve productivity and measure and adjust down force.

Pair with FieldView to take information from your SeedSense and conveys it through instant, high-definition maps.

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