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April 23, 2014

Carlson & Son

Carlson & Son, Inc. has been servicing our agricultural community for over thirty years. We are a licensed grain dealer in both Iowa and Missouri. We offer on the farm bids for your grain at very competitive prices. We will also merchandise your grain if you would like to haul with your own semi. Beyond grain we are equipped to haul dry and liquid fertilizer, rock, lime, seed as well as heavy equipment. Serving southwest Iowa with reliable updated equipment and top notch drivers. Call Lisa, Jaimee, Kevin or Terry for all your hauling needs!

Carlson Seed Blanchard Iowa

Carlson Seed 

Precision Planting SeedCarlson Seed, Inc. is privileged to be a Dekalb and Asgrow seed dealership. Our sales specialists are trained to help make hybrid and placement choices that will put profit in your pocket. Dekalb and the winged ear logo have been trusted by farmers for over 100 years. Asgrow soybeans offer consistent high yield performance year in and year out. Acceleron and inoculate seed treatments are available upon request to help cover, (literally) your investment. We also offer small seed for your compliance practices, feed, and lawn. Chemicals, custom spraying and anhydrous applicator services are all taken very seriously at Carlson Seed. We provide quality applicator service to our customers. Precision Planting, Ag leader, Banjo fittings, and MZB soil sampling are all exciting new services that we offer. Come check us out for free quotes and estimates.

Monsanto http://www.monsanto.com/Pages/default.aspx

Asgrow/Dekalb http://www.aganytime.com/Pages/default.aspx

Asgrow/Dekalb http://agseedselect.com/

Sign up today to get your FREE subscription of Climate Basic http://www.climate.com/


Precision Planting

Precision Planting Logo 2February 2013 Carlson Seed embarked on an exciting new venture. Precision Planting dealership was added to our line of services. One year later, we are still very excited and optimistic to be ground breakers with the best technology available. Precision Planting products in addition to our knowledgeable certified technicians provide self-assurance in your planting experience. Every farmer knows the challenge of profitability per acre. Precision Planting assures accuracy and depth control so that you can have confidence in every planter pass. Increased yield, seed savings and profitability is what we are talking about!

Precision Planting http://www.precisionplanting.com/

Fieldscripts uses data analytics to unite seed science with field science.  Using yield environments along with data and seed selection, Fieldscripts is able to identify the best seed and planting rate for a specific field and soil type.  Be a groundbreaker in what we consider the way of the farming for the future.

“Last year we were ‘Ground Breakers’ in the Fieldscripts program.  I am very excited to be a part of this very enlightening experience.  The data that is captured has the potential for farmers everywhere to increase yields while protecting our investment.  I am expecting even better results this year as our scripts will be in high resolution versus low resolution.  I truly believe the Fieldscripts program in combination with Climate Corp will be integral tools for agriculture of the future.”

-Terry Carlson


FieldScripts Rx Prescriptions

integrates innovations in seed science, agronomy, data analysis, precision agriculture equipment and service to provide farmers with hybrid matches and a variable rate planting prescription to improve corn yield opportunity. FieldScripts will be the first offering from Monsanto’s Integrated Farming Systems research platform.

http://www.fieldscripts.com/Pages/default.aspx?gclid=CKznhOvErr0CFclDMgodTVcA8g monsanto-fieldscriptsfieldsripts-perscription_custom-4923e362bc6c61ab6f0f7f6c4fae5370bcd80fb8







Banjo Liquid Handling Solutions


Polypropylene Specialists

 Glass-reinforced polypropylene, stainless steel, and cast iron materials, with our specialty being injected molded, glass-reinforced polypropylene.  Banjo Polypropylene Components have numerous desirable key properties which include being rigid, lightweight, low moisture absorption, and having great resistance to chemicals, corrosion, high impact, and stress cracking.



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