Precision Planting Launches SmartFirmer™

Precision Planting Launches SmartFirmer™

SmartFirmer™: for Organic Matter and Furrow Environment Sensing

Precision Planting is launching SmartFirmer™, a seed firmer with unprecedented sensing capability that will allow farmers to not only map row by row organic matter, soil moisture, and furrow residue, but also to perform on-the-go control of planting population or hybrid based on organic matter measurement.  Compatibility with Climate FieldViewTM makes SmartFirmer data viewable on the industry-leading digital agriculture platform. 

In any field, there are multiple yield environments that are determined by soil type, organic matter, topography, drainage, and dozens of other attributes.  To better manage these yield environments, the SmartFirmer high definition organic matter map will be a key input for developing precise prescriptions for planting population, seed hybrid, and fertility applications.  Alternatively, farmers could allow SmartFirmer to simply control seeding based on the real-time organic matter measurement and the corresponding population or hybrid selected by the farmer or their trusted advisor.

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