Precision Planting Announces Project Conceal™

Conceal is a product concept that is in the early development stage. It is a simple, clean, compact, and optimized nitrogen fertilizer planter attachment. Conceal includes a set of small injection knives on both sides of the row unit that’s almost entirely concealed and is fully integrated into the existing planter footprint. The injection knives fit in between a groove in a custom gauge wheel to protect the knives. By injecting the liquid nitrogen into the soil below at a location below the gauge wheel, it provides a high accuracy of placement both vertically and distance from the furrow.


  •  When will Conceal be commercially available?   Conceal is still in product development. Complete commercialization plans will be shared once testing is completed.
  • What planters will it be compatible with?    It is too early to make any firm commitments, but we intend to be compatible with John Deere, Kinze, CaseIH, and Agco.
  •  What row cleaners will it be compatible with?    It is too early to make any firm commitments, but we intend to prioritize CleanSweep® compatible row cleaners.
  •  Will it work with FurrowJet™? – Yes
  •  Why do I need this if I’ve already got FurrowJet?    FurrowJet is designed for optimal starter placement in-furrow and through wings ¾” away. FurrowJet placement is safe at high rates of medium-salt starters like 10-34-0 but is not intended to be a high-rate nitrogen application tool. Conceal is intended to complement FurrowJet and be the ideal nitrogen placement tool.
  •  What is the maximum fertilizer rate you can use with Conceal?   A good rule of thumb for most nitrogen products is 10 gpa per inch of lateral offset from the seed. If we assume a 3” position, that would safely allow up to 30 gpa per side so a total of 60 gpa if you’re running dual bands.

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