FurrowJet™, for Ideal Starter Placement.

FurrowJet™, for Ideal Starter Placement.

Precision Planting has developed a new planter fertilizer attachment called FurrowJet, which accurately places liquid fertilizer in ideal locations for nutrient absorption.

The attachment integrates dual-band near furrow (¾”) placement with optional third band in-furrow for maximum plant uptake, rate flexibility, and suited for a wide range of liquid product options.  

The attachment mounts behind the seed tube to Precision Planting’s quick-attach Keeton® firmer bracket. It rides in the furrow right behind an integrated seed firmer with wings that slice the furrow sidewall to apply liquid fertilizer ¾” away from the seed on both sides of the furrow.  

According to Jason Stoller, FurrowJet Product Manager, “FurrowJet is a game changer, creating an entirely new category of planter starter placement.” 

Stoller explains that FurrowJet rides in the furrow just above the seed and has wings that angle downward to cut into the sidewall and place fertilizer in a dual-band ¾”away, far enough to avoid seed burn and optimal for both the seedling and crown roots to access the nutrients.  

Today, yield response from starter is limited by the current in-furrow and 2×2 attachments. Due to fertilizer salt burn risk, rates for in-furrow pop-up attachments are very limited, capping the yield opportunity. Starter fertilizer placed by using 2×2 attachments is just too far away from the plant roots to be effective during early root development.  

By being near-furrow, FurrowJet’s placements give the seedling and crown roots immediate and continuous access to the nutrients. And combined with accurate placement, FurrowJet enables increased rates of common starters to be applied safely, avoiding seed burn risk.  

Ian Radtke, Lead Design Engineer, states, “Like all Precision Planting products, we designed FurrowJet for simplicity and flexibility. FurrowJet splits the fertilizer as either dual-band or as tri-band to include in-furrow. You can even run a different fertilizer in-furrow if you choose.”

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