5 Ways a Well-Calibrated Yield Map Can Help in 2016

JD YieldSense

Harvest is nearing its end, and you’re already looking ahead to next season. Here are five ways a well-calibrated yield map can help your operation in the future:

1. Determine the amount of fertilizer removed from the crop by zones, to enable variable rate fertilizer replacement in the fall. You’ll save money on fertilizer, which is always a good thing.

2. Evaluate how yield was impacted by field characteristics that don’t change often (like soil type and elevation).

3. Evaluate how yield was impacted by management choices you made this year (like your hybrid, fertility, fungicide, and pesticide choices).

4. Use your yield map to tweak management zones for next year. This way, you can pinpoint planting solutions that will help in each area of your field and start 2016 strong.

5. Use your yield map to define zones with drainage issues and use the yield loss in those zones to calculate the economic return of drainage tile or surface ditches.

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