Precision Planting Launches vApply And vApplyHD

Precision Planting is launching a suite of fertility control products. These products will allow a grower to select from vApply, an implement-wide control system, or scale to vApplyHD, a highly accurate row-by-row liquid system. These products will allow growers to execute their fertility plan across the entire range of application rates for all passes through the[…]

FurrowJet™, for Ideal Starter Placement.

FurrowJet™, for Ideal Starter Placement. Precision Planting has developed a new planter fertilizer attachment called FurrowJet, which accurately places liquid fertilizer in ideal locations for nutrient absorption. The attachment integrates dual-band near furrow (¾”) placement with optional third band in-furrow for maximum plant uptake, rate flexibility, and suited for a wide range of liquid product[…]

Precision Planting Launches SmartFirmer™

Precision Planting Launches SmartFirmer™ SmartFirmer™: for Organic Matter and Furrow Environment Sensing Precision Planting is launching SmartFirmer™, a seed firmer with unprecedented sensing capability that will allow farmers to not only map row by row organic matter, soil moisture, and furrow residue, but also to perform on-the-go control of planting population or hybrid based on[…]