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Carlson Seed Inc.

About Us

We sell and support Dekalb/Asgrow Seeds, chemicals, custom applicator services, Custom grain hauling / heavy equipment, Precision Planting Products, Climate Dealership Sales, Ag Leader Products, and many Banjo fittings for all of your chemical and farm needs!

Carlson Seed Inc. is a family owned business that has been around southwest Iowa since 1973. Larry and Esther Carlson were the founders, selling Asgrow and O’s Gold seed. Upon their retirement, they sold the company to their son and daughter-in-law Terry and Lisa Carlson in 2007. Many changes and advancements in the seed industry have made this an exciting venture. Carlson and Son, Inc. is also a family owned and operated business of the Carlson’s specializing in buying grain, (Iowa and Missouri licensed Grain Dealer) hauling grain, heavy equipment, rock, lime, seed, fertilizer and liquid nitrogen. Terry has been fortunate enough to pursue his lifelong ambition of farming. He takes pride in agriculture and his knowledge and hands on experience is portrayed in our company’s vision. Terry and Lisa are also excited that their daughters Jenna Steeve, Jaimee Sump, and son-in-law Chad Steeve also involved in the seed, grain and farming business.


Here are Carlson Seed we have to know how and people to get you what you need!
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Terry Carlson

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Lisa Carlson

Grain Merchandiser
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Jenna Steeve

Business Manager
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Jaimee Sump

Grain Merchandiser
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Curt Sunderman

Dekalb/Asgrow Salesman
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Brent Means

Chemical & Dekalb/Asgrow Salesman
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Rodney Henry

Precision Planting Sales/Tech Support
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Keith Meyer

Trucking Dispatcher

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